Monday, January 31, 2011

Shop the World!

Regarding the previous post, all trips to Cairo are on hold until further notice! Things happen which are out of our control. A traveler needs to be flexible and it is important to remember this when traveling. (Reminder: always buy trip insurance!)

Even when not traveling, we find things out of our control...such as a snow day! We get stuck inside for a day or two and have to think of ways to occupy our time. I was thinking that one of the great joys of traveling is shopping for local art, crafts or goods made in the country that you are visiting. These items make wonderful memories which can transport you back to the particular time and place where you bought them. They also make great gifts for family and friends.

I have found a fantastic website where you can go shopping around the world without leaving your home. The creators of The Traveler's Collection support communities around the world by working with local artisans. You can find one of a kind items in apparel, jewelry or beautiful accessories for your home at Did you ever regret not purchasing that wooden bowl in Thailand or beaded bracelet in East Africa? You may be able to find it here! It's fun to browse, and dream about where your travels will take you to next....

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